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The permanent collections
The impressive collection composed by 1000 pieces, the richest in the country, shows the influence exerted by the Islamic art of the Mediterranean basin to the confines of Asia. Calligraphy and miniature master pieces, sacred manifestations, precious sets and ancient doors, ceramics and potteries were assembled with passion through the world. Two big sections: the first one is dedicated to the worldwide cultures and the other one to the Tunisian arts. Through the 15 rooms or galleries soberly decorated, you will admire the Kachan shiny squares, the parchment of the Koran from Kairouan, fragments of the Kaaba curtain, silver and silk banners of mystical brotherhoods, Tunisian potteries and the superb collection of Tunisian jewels and costumes.

The Museum rooms
Geometry and figure
Sacred part
Persian and Ottoman arts
Maghreb arts
Maghreb of the tribes
Set in the Tunisian arts
Tunisian ceramics
Mouradite and Husseinide ceramics
Tunisian costumes and precious sets
Tunisian jewels and precious sets

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