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"STRATEGIES" Magazine - n°1405

Article: "Motivation: directions for use"

The "Strategies" Magazine in its N°1405 explained the incentive market and the team building sector, presenting this way the market evolution and the new products. In this article, the example of the crocodile farm of Djerba Explore Park is praised for its potential and the originality of the places for new motivational activities.

Some extracts of the article :

"The main market actors, the most efficient techniques, the new targeted public, the last tendencies &.Strategies takes stock on an unknown market which escapes form the crisis
"Team spirit and the quest for meaning Nowadays some of the employees are working in a context of low general motivation; the team building is more than ever valued by the companies. For a software company, we will ask the employees to manage the crocodile farm in Djerba (Tunisia), it looks like the TV show "Vis ma vie": they will sell the tickets, and work in the marketing department. There are also some scientific researches in the farm, so they will "sex" the crocodiles, which means put their hand inside the crocodile to find out if it is a male or a female. An experience that they will never forget: assured Pierre-Olivier Carles, Stonfield.

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